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Wow. I haven't posted since Vegas. For good reason I suppose.  We have been busy with our spring practice season, signing recruits and prepping for the 2011 season.  I would like to introduce a key addition to our coaching staff, our new assistant coach, Jill Baker.   Some key facts about Coach Baker...

  • 2009 NAIA Player of the Year
  • 3-time NAIA All-American at Azusa Pacific University
  • Played professionally for Volley Franches-Montagnes (VFM) in Switzerland’s Premier League (LNA) 

Here is a picture of Jill mashing a ball out of the back row. Jill is a native of Turlock, California. She prepped at Turlock Christian HS and played for Delta Valley Volleyball Club.  She is excited to be our new assistant coach.  Welcome aboard Jill!

To all you 2012, 2013 graduates, keep up the great work. Sideout note - remember the NAIA does not have any recruiting restrictions. So I encourage you to call, email, text, visit if you feel that Bethany University is the place where you want to continue your education and volleyball career.  Stay caffeinated my friends.  Coach Baker and I will see you court side.

neon buzz

Happy 2011 Las Vegas Tourney Eve. My eyes are already bloodshot from the lights of the city that never sleeps. Tomorrow this neon-infused "supermarket of recruiting" will get underway with 600+ unsigned seniors hoping to find "full-ride" glory and many coaches frantically scrambling to finish or fill gaping holes in their incoming 2011 freshman class.

 D1/D2 coaches with a scholarship to give have one of the following situations present in their program: (1) last year's top recruit has fizzled out and is now dating a baseball player, (2) someone has transferred --this is happening at an absurd rate, or most likely, (3) looking to fill roster spots 12-15, and two student manager openings with the best remaining seniors.   Sideout note - my assistant coach with 7+ years experience at the D1 level, nods in agreement.

 If you are one of the lucky few that receive a hasty scholarship offer, and before you get all geeked-out, make sure you know exactly where you will stand as an incoming freshman -- it is also good to find out what state your potentially new school is located!  Spend a moment or two weighing your unknown D1/D2 experience vs. lets say....tearing it up as a freshman at the NAIA level - better yet, here at Bethany University.

18's need to ignore the hype and stress, and stay focused in playing solid volleyball this and every weekend, as this is what is attractive to volleyball coaches.17's you need to do this too, because you may be in this same, crazy routine next year.

BU recruits, enjoy your experience, pass nails, go easy on the neon and compete for His glory.

serve it up

Well the 2011 club season is upon us.  The NAIA doesn't have any recruiting restrictions (i.e no Dead or Quiet periods like the NCAA). So now that club season is underway, all I am waiting for is YOU.  With coffee in hand, I will mosey into the frigid confines of the Oakland Convention Center to watch a handful of you at the California Kickoff this weekend.  In preparation, here are some great suggestions for you to keep in mind quoting my fellow blogger (thecollegevolleyballcoach)..."Being out of shape leads to fatigue mistakes, both mental and physical... Highlight the strengths of your game to make a positive first impression upon college coaches...minimize errors and make positive plays ... passing is one of the first skills sets that coaches will evaluate you upon and if you can pass, then this ability will elevate your standing in the recruit rankings...don't think that just being a great hitter will make up for not passing well...Setters must demonstrate leadership and composure...Middles work hard, be available to attack on every rally, go pin to pin to block the ball, you have no off plays...Outsides pass the ball to the setter and hit the ball in the court - Every other skill set is secondary to these...Have fun playing the greatest sport.  Serve it up ladies!
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